Experiencing These Problems?

Treating a new patient, and don’t know what type of implant or abutment they have?

Patient experiencing complications from an implant procedure?

Tooth being removed before implant

Advantages for Patients

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    Enable quick and efficient treatment of any complications with access to your information 24/7.

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    Ensure your implant components are government compliant.

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    Know exactly what components and materials have been used in your implant.

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    Your information is retained and accessible outside of practice records for your lifetime (beyond the mandatory 7 year time frame).

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    Minimise complications.

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    Secure data with password protection.

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For Dental Professionals

  • Quickly identify implant and restorative components to treat your Patient efficiently and effectively

  • Differentiate your Practice and show your Patients that you care about their dental implant outcomes

  • The DIR is an external centralised hub of information with a long term legacy beyond the mandatory 7 year time frame

  • Provides transparency for your Practice and your Patients by showing what implant components were used

  • 24/7 secure access to your Patient and Practice information

  • Gain access to the Dental Implant Identification Service

  • Get paid to register on the DIR!

  • Minimise Patient complications

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Each registration carries a fee of $30 + GST. A Dentist can register Patient implant information on their behalf. The DIR pays a rebate to the Dentist for providing this service.

About the DIR

The DIR was created to facilitate improved dental implant Patient outcomes by:

  1. 1 Improving communication between Patients and treating Dental Professionals.
  2. 2 Providing Dental Heath Professionals and Dental Implant Manufacturers with feedback to help identify positive and negative trends in the industry.
  3. 3 Helping to identify the best surgical practice and prosthetic Patient health outcomes.

Our Mission

We believe that transparent, accurate and rapid access to dental implant information will result in superior Patient outcomes.

Our Vision

To be a recognized global leader in providing better health outcomes in the implantable device industry.

About DIR Members

DIR Patients

DIR Patients are any dental Patient that has or is contemplating having a dental implant. Patients can ask their Dental Professional to complete the dental implant and dental crown registration on their behalf.

DIR Dental Professionals

DIR Dental Professionals includes any AHPRA Registered Dentists, Dental Specialists, Laboratory Technicians, Prosthetists and their Dental Auxiliaries and Administration Staff.

DIR Partners

DIR Partners includes Dental implant Manufacturers and distributors of dental implants and associated products, Educational Institutions (universities) and Dental Associations involved in dental implant education/training.

Privacy Policy

The DIR wishes to inform our Patient and Dental Professional users of our privacy policies.

The DIR will never sell collected data. We will never disclose one company's information to another.
Your Practice and Dentist information will only be accessible by your Practice staff. No other Practice or Dentist can access that information.
Anonymised data will be used for research purposes in conjunction with a University or Educational Institution.


Patient information is stored for the Patient’s lifetime and is only accessible by the Dental Professional / Practice who entered it, and by the Patient themselves.

If the Patient is being treated by a different Dentist, the new Dentist can request access to a Patient’s DIR information. The Patient can then permit access via the DIR (via smartphone or tablet).

Dental Professionals

Dental Professional / Dental Practice / Laboratory data is also securely stored and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the users within a Practice / Laboratory.

Only DIR Owners and Practice Administrators have full access within their own Practice / Laboratory to view all Practice / Laboratory related DIR data.

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